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Buy Viagra Online | Generic Viagra Sildenafil 20mg

Buy Viagra Online | Generic Viagra Sildenafil 20mg

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Viagra Use in Women. The Effect of the Drug on Fertility and Weight

A brief overview of Viagra use in women with sexual health problems. Some interesting information about the Viagra impact on weight loss and male fertility.

 The Effect of Viagra on Women, Male Fertility, and Weight

Viagra is a unique drug which potential and impact on human health still need to be studied. Various researches make assumptions on the possible good and bad effects induced by this medication. Yet some of them are very controversial, meaning that the truth hasn’t been revealed yet. 

At the same time, the benefits of the drug for women are already clear. And thousands of female patients around the world have evaluated a special generic version of Viagra for women.

Viagra for women. How does it help?

The statistics say that 43% of women suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction. But, unlike men, who have a broad range of drugs for dealing with their problems in bed, women have been deprived of the possibility to enjoy their sexual life for a very long time.

Fortunately, such an injustice has already become history, and now women do have a possibility to use drugs stimulating their sexual activeness. Viagra is one of the most popular choices among women who are not satisfied with the feelings and emotions they experience during sex. 

Viagra for women works similarly as for men. The medication relaxes the smooth musculature of the female genitals and enhances the inflow of blood to the area by widening the pelvic blood vessels. Women taking Viagra can count on the following improvements:

  • Better physical response to sexual stimulation;
  • Increased lubrication of the vagina;
  • Higher sensitivity of the clitoris;
  • Reduction or disappearance of pain during intercourse;
  • Easier reaching of an orgasm;
  • Brighter and more durable orgasmic sensations;
  • Possibility to have several orgasms within one intercourse.

It is also said that Viagra for women can increase their libido, yet it is more like a secondary effect because of the general improvements in the sensations, experienced during sexual activity.

Not all women can use this drug because of a number of contraindications, including the periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Potency or fertility: what to choose?

The impact Viagra pills have on male fertility is an open question as different studies show different results. According to the article published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, a single 100mg dose of Viagra, which is taken by the bulk of men using this drug, doesn’t have any significant impact on the sperm ability to fertilize the egg. It should be mentioned that this experiment was held in the “natural conditions”, so to say. 17 healthy men took the drug and then their sperm samples were checked.

Another study, conducted by British scientists in vitro, revealed that Sildenafil Citrate does have a harmful effect on male fertility. The scientists claim that Viagra significantly increases sperm motility. It happens because of the ability of the drug to inhibit PDE5 enzyme, which helps to break down cGMP. As a result, the level of energy in the sperm cells increases, thus raising the movement of calcium in the cell, and triggering an acrosome reaction too early.

It means that the sperm head starts producing the digestive enzyme, which is needed to penetrate the egg, before actually reaching it. Hence, it loses the possibility to fertilize the egg.

Viagra for weight loss purposes

One of the studies conducted on mice showed the potential of Viagra to help the weight loss.  The scientists compared two groups of mice, both of which received a high-fat diet. One group was additionally given high doses of Sildenafil Citrate daily. When the experiment was completed, it turned out that the mice that were given Viagra were 10-15% slimmer if compared to the control group. 

The theory is that Viagra helps to turn the white adipose tissue, which plays a role of the fat cells storage into brown adipose tissue – the one that helps people keep warm. Brown fat is easy to get rid of because of its properties. If combined with the physical activity, which sex actually is, the chances for losing excessive weight look more than real.