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Grilled Seafood Sides: 5 Delicious Dishes To Serve With Your Grilled Fish

Dive into a world of flavor and embark on a culinary journey that will transport you to the shores of paradise. As you fire up the grill, envision a perfectly grilled fish and a symphony of delectable sides that elevate your seafood feast to new heights. These tantalizing dishes, bursting with bold flavors and vibrant ingredients, are designed to complement and enhance the star of your meal. Prepare to savor every bite as we unveil five mouthwatering grilled seafood sides that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Lemon Dill Potato Salad pairs well with grilled fish, offering a satisfying and delightful side dish.
  • The creamy and tangy dressing, made with Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard, enhances the flavor of the grilled fish and the side dishes.
  • The use of fresh ingredients, such as Yukon gold potatoes, fresh dill, and lemon zest, elevates the taste and texture of the dish, providing vibrant and aromatic flavors.
  • The tangy and citrusy note from the lemon zest adds a refreshing and zesty flavor profile to balance the richness of the grilled fish, creating a harmonious and satisfying dining experience.

Tangy Shrimp Ceviche

You should try making a tangy shrimp ceviche to serve with your grilled fish. This seafood appetizer is bursting with citrus-infused flavors that perfectly complement the smoky, grilled taste of the fish. Tangy shrimp ceviche is a refreshing and light dish that will leave your guests craving more.

Marinate fresh shrimp in lime, orange, and lemon zest to make this delicious side dish. The citrus juices help cook the shrimp while infusing it with bright and tangy flavors. Then, add diced tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, and cilantro for added freshness and texture.

Let the ceviche sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour to allow all the flavors to meld together. The acid from the citrus juices will continue to “cook” the shrimp until they are tender and succulent.

This tangy shrimp ceviche alongside your grilled fish adds a zesty kick that enhances every bite. Combining juicy seafood and vibrant citrus notes creates a harmony of flavors that will delight your taste buds.

Now let’s move on to another mouthwatering side dish: grilled vegetable medley.

Grilled Vegetable Medley

For a tasty addition to your grilled fish, try a vegetable medley. Grilled vegetables are not only delicious but also provide numerous health benefits. The grilling process enhances the natural flavors of the vegetables and gives them a smoky, caramelized taste that pairs perfectly with seafood. Additionally, grilling vegetables helps retain nutrients and vitamins compared to cooking methods like boiling or frying.

One of the best things about making a grilled vegetable medley is that you have endless options for seasoning. You can keep it simple with salt, pepper, and olive oil, or get creative with herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, paprika, or cumin. The key is choosing seasonings that complement your grilled fish’s flavors.

The benefits of having a grilled vegetable medley alongside your grilled fish are two-fold. Firstly, it adds freshness and color to your plate, making it visually appealing. Combining lean protein from fish and fiber-rich veggies creates a balanced, satisfying, and nutritious meal.

Now that your flavorful vegetable side dish is ready move on to another delectable seafood option: creamy garlic butter scallops.

Creamy Garlic Butter Scallops

Now let’s dive into the mouthwatering world of creamy garlic butter scallops. These delectable mollusks are a true seafood delicacy, and when cooked to perfection, they can be an absolute game-changer for your grilled fish feast. To achieve the best cooking techniques for creamy garlic butter scallops, ensure they are fresh and dry before seasoning them with salt and pepper.

Next, heat a skillet over medium-high heat and melt some butter with minced garlic until fragrant. Carefully place the seasoned scallops into the hot skillet and sear them on each side for 2-3 minutes until they turn golden brown with a slightly caramelized exterior. The result should be tender, juicy scallops infused with rich garlicky flavor.

Regarding pairing options, creamy garlic butter scallops go exceptionally well with citrus herb quinoa salad. The refreshing citrus flavors of the salad complement the richness of the scallops perfectly, creating a harmonious balance of taste and texture in every bite. So get ready to tantalize your taste buds with this delightful combination as we explore the next dish in our grilled seafood sides lineup: citrus herb quinoa salad.

Citrus Herb Quinoa Salad

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Looking for a light and refreshing side dish to pair with your grilled fish? Look no further than this citrus herb quinoa salad. Packed with protein and fiber, this salad is delicious and nutritious. With a burst of citrus flavors and the added freshness of herbs, this quinoa salad will complement your grilled fish perfectly while keeping you satisfied.

Light and refreshing

Start your meal with a light, refreshing side dish to complement your grilled fish. A summer fruit salad is the perfect choice – delicious and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. This colorful medley of fresh fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and berries will provide a burst of flavor that pairs beautifully with the smoky taste of grilled seafood.

Add a tangy dressing made from citrus juices and a hint of honey to make this summer fruit salad even more enticing. The sweet and tart flavors will awaken your taste and refresh you on those hot summer days.

Another way to elevate this dish is by adding freshly torn mint leaves for an extra pop of freshness. The cooling effect of mint perfectly complements the juicy sweetness of the fruits.

As you savor each bite of this light and refreshing summer fruit salad, you’ll prepare your palate for the next section about dishes packed with protein and fiber.

Packed with protein and fiber

Opt for dishes packed with protein and fiber to make your meal even more satisfying. These dishes will keep you full and satisfied and are also high in nutrients and easy to prepare. One great option is a quinoa salad with grilled vegetables. Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids, making it an excellent source of plant-based protein. Paired with the smoky flavors of grilled vegetables, this dish is both nutritious and delicious.

Another protein-packed side dish to consider is a chickpea salad. Chickpeas are rich in fiber and contain a good amount of protein. Tossed with fresh herbs, lemon juice, and olive oil, this salad adds a refreshing touch to your grilled seafood feast.

Now that you have some ideas for sides packed with protein and fiber let’s move on to the next mouthwatering dish: spicy cajun corn on the cob.

Spicy Cajun Corn on the Cob

Prepare to spice up your grilled seafood feast with Spicy Cajun Corn on the Cob! This delicious side dish adds a kick of heat, leaving your taste buds tingling. Not only does it bring the heat, but it also provides a satisfying crunch that complements the tender grilled fish perfectly. So fire up that grill and prepare to take your meal to the next level with this flavorful corn on the cob.

Adds a kick of heat

Adding a kick of heat will elevate the flavors to spice up your grilled seafood. One great option to achieve this is by serving spicy Cajun corn on the cob as a side dish. This dish adds a flavor and provides a satisfying crunch that complements the tender, juicy fish. The combination of corn smothered in Cajun spices creates a tantalizing taste experience that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

The heat from the spices adds depth and complexity to each bite, making it an ideal accompaniment for grilled seafood. So, if you want to take your grilled fish to the next level, don’t forget to include this delicious and fiery side dish that brings both heat and crunch to the table.

Provides a satisfying crunch

When you bite spicy Cajun corn on the cob, you’ll experience a satisfying crunch that pairs perfectly with the tender, juicy fish. This delicious side dish provides crunch and adds texture to your grilled seafood feast. Combining the smoky grilled flavors and the crispy kernels of corn creates a delightful contrast that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Add some melted butter and a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning for an extra kick of flavor to make this dish even more irresistible. Whether grilling up some shrimp or serving salmon steaks, this spicy Cajun corn on the cob will surely be a hit at your next cookout.

Now let’s move on to another delectable side dish: lemon dill potato salad.

Lemon Dill Potato Salad

Try adding some tangy lemon dill potato salad to complement your grilled fish. This light and refreshing side dish is packed with flavor, making it the perfect accompaniment to any seafood meal. The combination of zesty lemon and aromatic dill adds a freshness that pairs beautifully with the smoky flavors of grilled fish.

To highlight the deliciousness of this dish, let’s take a look at its key ingredients:

Lemon Dill Potato Salad
Yukon gold potatoes
Fresh dill
Lemon zest
Greek yogurt
Dijon mustard

The creamy texture of Greek yogurt and tangy Dijon mustard creates a flavorful dressing that coats the tender golden potatoes. Adding fresh dill and lemon zest elevates the taste, providing a bright and citrusy note.

This lemon dill potato salad provides a satisfying crunch and complements grilled fish perfectly. Its vibrant flavors enhance the delicate taste of seafood while offering a refreshing contrast. So next time you fire up the grill for delectable seafood, don’t forget to serve this delightful side dish alongside your main course. Your guests will surely be impressed by this flavorful pairing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative options for those who don’t eat seafood?

If you don’t eat seafood, plenty of alternative options are available alongside grilled fish. You can opt for vegetarian or vegan dishes like grilled vegetables or tofu skewers, which provide a delicious and filling accompaniment. Another creative way to incorporate seafood flavors is by using seaweed or kelp as a seasoning in dishes like salads or stir-fries. These options will ensure that non-seafood eaters can still have a flavorful and satisfying meal.

Can these side dishes be prepared ahead of time?

Preparing side dishes ahead of time can be a great time-saving strategy. You’ll be pleased to know that most grilled seafood sides can be prepared in advance. By chopping vegetables, marinating dressings, or pre-cooking grains, you can streamline your cooking process and have more time to enjoy with your guests. As for adjusting spice levels, start by adding small amounts of spices at a time and taste as you go. This way, you can control the heat and make sure it suits everyone’s preferences.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options among these seafood sides?

Looking for vegetarian or vegan options for seafood sides? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Get creative with alternatives for non-seafood eaters by serving up some delicious dishes. How about grilled vegetable skewers marinated in a zesty herb dressing? Or a refreshing watermelon and feta salad drizzled with balsamic reduction? For something heartier, try stuffed portobello mushrooms filled with quinoa and topped with melted cheese. These flavorful options will satisfy everyone at your next gathering!

How can I adjust the spice level in the Spicy Cajun Corn on the Cob?

You have a few options to adjust the spice level in the spicy Cajun corn on the cob. First, reduce the amount of Cajun seasoning used to tone the heat. Alternatively, add some extra cayenne pepper or hot sauce if you’re feeling adventurous and want to turn up the heat. As for grilled fish pairings, this flavorful side dish complements any grilled seafood perfectly. So go ahead and spice things up or cool them down to create a harmonious balance of flavors!

Can these side dishes be served with other types of grilled meat, such as chicken or steak?

Yes, these side dishes can be served with other types of grilled meat, such as chicken or steak. The flavors and textures of the dishes complement grilled meats perfectly, adding depth and variety to your meal. Whether it’s the smoky charred taste of grilled vegetables alongside juicy chicken or the zesty kick of a marinade enhancing the flavor of a perfectly cooked steak, these side dishes are versatile. They can elevate any grilled meat dish to new levels of deliciousness.


In conclusion, grilled seafood is not complete without a selection of delectable sides. Whether hosting a summer barbecue or enjoying a meal at home, these five delicious dishes will elevate your grilled fish to new heights. Each side brings its unique flavor profile from the tangy freshness of Shrimp Ceviche to the creamy richness of Garlic Butter Scallops.

Did you know that consuming seafood regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 35%? So not only are these dishes mouthwateringly good, but they also contribute to your overall health and well-being. So fire up that grill and indulge in a feast fit for seafood lovers!